= the tenth
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Hi to my friends here! 

Just wanted to say thank you. When I started my blog, I only mean for it to be my personal diary, since I hate seeing my handwriting and I am totally not creative at all too. There’s something about seeing posts from people I follow here and seeing it on my own blog. hence the reblogs. I guess it’s safe to say that sometimes we find ourselves in other people’s thoughts and wishes. That their fragments could be our fragments too. So you see, we’re not entirely different from each other, all of us.

I’m making this post because I want you all to know that I will be gone for the entire week and maybe until the next. I made the decision to isolate myself from the social media world as my board exams are approaching. I can’t remember if I did the same before when we had our thesis. 

I’m aware that most of my new followers followed me because of my daily bible verse posts. Thank you so much, you guys. :) I am happy to be sharing with you all these little blessings of news and thoughts. And so I am sorry too because I wouldn’t be able to post any of it here while I’m gone. But anyway, you could still keep up with them through here. And maybe also do what I started doing years ago. ;) 

And if it’s not too much, please do pray for me! That I may pass the coming board exams. Yes? Because I do believe in the power of prayers. 

Have a nice day everyone! I hope to share with you a good news the next time I’m on.